Frequently Asked Questions


How much do our sessions cost?

Prices vary greatly, depending on the equipment you want us to bring and the type of jam you want. As a rough guide, we start at £25 per hour.

Who are the sessions for?

Whilst we don't have any age restrictions, any children taking part should be willing and able to get involved, and as we use professional equipment, we really don't want it damaged!

We can engage between 3 & 12 people at a time in group sessions, although with turn taking it's feasible for more to take part

What do the sessions entail?

Sessions can be completely tailored to your needs. We bring a PA, guitars, bass, keyboard, electric drums, mics and various effects tools as well as acoustic percussion instruments ranging from tambourines to cajon and boomwhackers. Head to the Jams section for a rough idea about how sessions can be tailored.  

Legal Questions?

Staff all have current DBS checks and we are fully insured for our activities. Copies are available on request

Which areas do you cover?

We are happy to travel anywhere in the North of England, but sessions further afield are possible with enough notice. Drop us a note if you want to discuss it

What requirements do you have for space?

We can set up our studio anywhere with power and cover. The equipment can all be set at a volume you are comfortable with, but we would recommend you clear  it with your neighbours if you want it at home. A large living room is big enough, a hall is better, and if required we can set up a party tent (additional charges apply). 

Our sessions work much better if you have wifi or a reliable mobile data signal