What's your jam?


Organised Group Jams

School sessions, after school clubs, youth clubs and holiday clubs or adult team building jams - our more formal jams can be tailored to target confidence building, team work, or just to stoke the creative side.

We know that many schools don't have the resources for full time music teachers, but all children deserve the chance to express themselves


Party Jams

From DJing to full Learn a song jam sessions, where we agree the song or songs to be worked on, and over the course of the session each participant will learn their instrument, with help from us, before a big performance at the end. 

We can then DJ for the rest of the evening if you like, including Karaoke!


Sing and Play Jams

Singing along to their favourite tracks, learning that drum beat, trying a new riff they really want to master or writing and recording their own completely original track with some help from us. Play Jams are a great way to get kids and adults together to be creative. 

We'll bring all the kit and our knowledge and help you have fun with music. You never know where it might lead!